West Coast Port Update, October 20th

Congestion issues and truck power continue to be a problem in both LA/Long Beach and Oakland ports, according to information received from our local partners.

The terminals at the Port of Oakland are handling throughput better than in past months. However, some terminals are more congested than others, and while street wait times may be light, some truckers are still complaining of no appointments and long delays. In addition, construction is underway at the Ben E. Nutter terminal, which may affect traffic and potentially cause delays for the next several weeks.

In LA/Long Beach there continues to be sporadic issues. Early in October, there were ILWU stop work meetings, full shift or early closures, closed areas, empty return restrictions, restricted dual-only or single-only transactions allowed, and almost all terminals experienced chassis shortages. Not all terminals are providing 5 PierPass gates, despite the fact that this is peak season. Limiting PierPass gates make the empty/load match more challenging for truckers. From April through September, the average turn times have been approximately 98 minutes across all terminals, an improvement from the period of labor disruption, but still not where they should be.

If you have any questions about the movement of your cargo in or out of any port, please contact RCL Agencies at at 973-779-5900.