US and Singapore signs customs agreements

According to the information provided by the Journal of Commerce, the United States have signed three Customs agreements with Singapore, ensuring greater cooperation and mutual assistance on Customs enforcement and the facilitation of lawful trade and travel.

U.S. Customs Border and Protection Commissioner signed a U.S.– Singapore Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement and a Mutual Recognition Arrangement, providing mutual recognition of the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program and Singapore’s Customs’ Secure Trade (STC) Partnership. The U.S. now has mutual recognition agreements with 72 countries.ent.

Trusted trader programs reward users that can show customs agencies that their supply chains are secure with faster clearance. As a result, the agencies can focus its limited resources on targeting high-risk shipments.

The mutual recognition arrangement between C-TPAT and Singapore’s STC will link the two industry partnership programs, so that together they create a unified and sustainable security posture that can assist in securing and facilitating global cargo trade. The new program, known as Trusted Trader, includes the additional perks of reduced inspections from the Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The agreements signed by the United States and Singapore mark a significant milestone in collaboration on security, and the facilitation of trade and travel between the two countries.

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