US Sets Import Duties on Containers from China

According to Reuters, the U.S. Commerce Department imposed duties on imports of rail and road transport containers from China after finding the goods were sold below cost in the United States.

Under the department’s preliminary decision, 53-foot domestic dry containers will face anti-dumping duties of up to 153.24 percent after a complaint from Stoughton Trailers. Some containers, including those produced by China International Marine Containers, face a lower 24.27 percent rate.

According to US official data, imports of these products from China were estimated at $184 million last year.

Fifty-three-foot domestic dry containers are durable, reusable, weatherproof, closed van containers approximately 53 feet in exterior length, designed for the intermodal transport of goods other than bulk liquids.

The duties, which must still be confirmed in a final decision by the Commerce Department and by the U.S. International Trade Commission, would come on top of anti-subsidy duties set in September.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce is urging Washington to not impose higher duties.

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