US Customs Postpones ACE Rollouts

US Customs and Border Protection has postponed the rollout of several more functions of its new electronic filing system- the Automated Commercial Environment  system , according to a recent report in the Journal of Commerce.

The agency announced that some capabilities including liquidation, drawback, reconciliation, duty deferral, collections, statements, and the Automated Surety Interface will be postponed. The original deployment date was scheduled for Saturday. Customs has provided no new deployment date.

“In consideration of stakeholder feedback and the complexity of the ongoing integration testing, CBP is providing additional time to prepare for the final core ACE deployment and ensure a smooth transition,” Customs said in a statement. “CBP will provide updated information and a new deployment date in the near future.”

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is designed to become the Single Window – the primary system through which the trade community will report imports and exports and the government will determine admissibility.

 The ACE system was designed with the intent to streamline cross-border trade, allowing shippers to easily transmit documents with government agencies, saving time and money. However , the system — now three years behind schedule, twice delayed, and more than $1 billion over budget — has been  plagued with issues.

In order to ensure smooth transition CBP is providing additional time to prepare for the final core ACE deployment.

RCL Agencies will provide more updates once available.