Updated Procedures Regarding Hanjin Cargo and Equipment

The following  update concerns the latest procedures for handling Hanjin cargo and equipment at the Port of New York and New Jersey.

M/V Hanjin Miami

The Hanjin Miami is expected to dock at Maher Terminals on Thursday, September 22, 2016 for discharge.  Cargo availability information can be found at https://apps.maherterminals.com/csp/homeAction.do?method=login and/or www.porttruckpass.com.

Please confirm availability before arranging delivery.

There will be no export containers loaded back onto the Hanjin Miami.

All bookings have been cancelled.

Cargo discharged from this vessel will not have to pay the Terminal Handling Charges and any ancillary charges separately.

In order to facilitate double moves, Maher will receive empty returns from the Hanjin Miami only.

M/V Hanjin Baltimore & Hanjin Switzerland

The Hanjin Baltimore has been arrested and is sitting in the Gulf of Panama.  Once released, we expect that she will make her way to the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The Hanjin Switzerland is currently awaiting orders in the Gulf of Suez.

We will provide updates regarding these expected port calls and cargo availability as they become available.  Hanjin is providing updates regarding the disposition of all of their ships twice daily at www.hanjin.com.

Other Hanjin Imports at Maher Terminals 

Until directed otherwise, all other Hanjin import deliveries must be pre-paid in either cash or credit, if already established with Maher Terminals. Please contact the Maher Terminals Hot Line at 908-527-8200 Ext 3875 for information on the charges due.

Empty Hanjin Dry Containers

At this time, Hanjin empty containers (prefix of HJCU, HJSU or SENU) are not being accepted at the terminals or depots.

This is a dynamic situation and may change as inventory levels change or accounts are settled.

If you are looking to return an empty with a prefix other than those mentioned above, email the leasing company the full container number and location of the box so the leasing company can provide a redelivery location.

After dropping an empty, the motor carrier must then terminate the chassis at an authorized start / stop location or retain the chassis and transfer the billing to their own account upon leaving.

TRAC Intermodal Chassis

Effective September 24, 2016, all motor carriers who have initiated a door move for Hanjin Shipping prior to September 1st will be responsible for all usage charges from September 24th until the chassis if off hired at an authorized start / stop location.


The source:  The port of NY/NJ website