Ukraine Ports- Operations Running Normally

Bloomberg reports that ports and shipping operations in Ukraine mostly continue as normal in spite of the current political situation.

Cargo movements out of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports have not yet been affected by the escalation, according to Western Bulk ASA, which operates more than 120 ships hauling commodities including grain. Ukrainian ports are working normally with the exception of Sevastopol, which requires “special permission” to enter and exit, according to Gulf Agency Co., a port agent.

The nation is set to be the world’s third-largest corn exporter this year, and sixth for wheat shipments, according to the most recent estimates from the International Grains Council.

Right now it is a low season for grain cargoes from Russian and Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, according to Peter Sand, chief shipping analyst at Baltic and International Maritime Council, a Bagsvaerd, Denmark-based trade group whose members control about two thirds of the merchant fleet. Grain season will come in the third quarter. Shipping costs could rise if tensions in Ukraine were to last long enough to disrupt exports.

Although Ukraine’s major ports are operating normally, RCL Agency recommends watching the situation – we will provide updates as they become available.  If you have questions about shipping into Russia / CIS – contact RCL!