Truth, Justice & the American Way

Truth, Justice & The American Way……words I live & die by.

What do they mean, what do they really mean?

Well… back in the 60’s when I was a kid, I watched each and every episode of a TV program called “SuperMan”- the original in black & white TV.

supegrafxThe theme was really a simple one at a time in American & the World when life was much simper & much slower. The theme was Good vs. Evil. It was a show that taught about how doing the right thing for now other reason was the way to live your life. Doing good for the sake of others, our brothers & sisters everywhere. These simple days lie heavy on my mind as this is my comfort zone- this is the life i wanted for our children.

So, where are we today… not here, very fast moving… many quick moving parts and really easy to go afoul. So the message today is this…

Keep it simple. Keep it honest.

Keep it so that your mother would be proud of whatever you did or consider doing!

This is my first blog.

I will attempt to share as much what I consider good stuff worth sharing in the hopes of reaching higher ground and maybe making a difference in some small way to those interested parties.

That’s it for now. More, much more to follow.

Most Sincerely,

Joseph Cuccurullo 🙂