Toronto Container Truck Drivers Disrupt Cargo Deliveries

A group of independent truck drivers  who are members of the Container Trucking Association of Ontario (CTAO) are disrupting Toronto-area container deliveries by blocking trucking terminals, in protest over their classification, the Journal of Commerce reports.

According to statements posted on the Internet, the group- comprised of hundreds of Ontario truck drivers- are asking to be regulated and classified as “skilled workers” , which would allow them to unionize.The truck drivers are unhappy with low rates, coupled with long wait times at rail yards and higher costs of operation and maintenance due to rising fuel prices.

According to the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association (CIFFA), the movement of intermodal containers out of rail yards in the GTA has slowed following a strike that began last week, reportedly by up to several hundred drivers.

The full extent of the disruption, however, has remained unclear. According to Canadian National Railway, its operations at the Brampton Intermodal Terminal outside Toronto “remain fluid.” Rival Canadian railroad Canadian Pacific Railway said it is aware of the situation and “monitoring it closely.” CP’s Toronto intermodal facilities remain open for business, the railroad said.

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