Port Strike in Brazil Averted!

As Maritime Executive reports, Brazilian dock workers called off a national port strike set for next week after progress after yesterday’s meeting with the representatives of Brazilian Government.

The unions object to new rules that would let privately owned port owners and operators hire nonunion workers and let those ports operate under rules that would lower costs for exporters compared with the public ports.

As we have reported earlier, the  unions held a six-hour strike on Feb. 22 that halted the movement of goods through the country’s biggest port, Santos. The port workers have interrupted the flow of commodities such as soy, corn, coffee, sugar and meats through Brazilian ports over the past few months with occasional strikes, hoping to pressure the government to negotiate.

Delays at Brazil’s ports are already putting some grain-export contracts at risk. Right now, Brazil is in the peak of its grain export season and about to pick up its sugar exports in the coming months and the progress in talks between the unions and government will help relieve some pressure building on the global soy and sugar markets, which have been fixating on concerns that Brazil’s underdeveloped port infrastructure might grind to a halt under the weight of record crops this season.

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