Teamsters Pickets at Port of LA/LB on July 7th

Please be advised about some potential work disruption in operation of port of LA and Long Beach.  The Journal of Commerce reports the Teamsters at the Port of LA are scheduled to strike for one week beginning July 7th. This is believed to be connected to west coast  contract discussions.
Teamsters spokeswoman Barb Maynard declined to comment on any plans the truckers have for July 7. She referred only to an unfair labor practices charge that some of the drivers filed against Green Fleet. The Teamsters or individual drivers have filed a number of misclassification lawsuits against drayage companies across the country. Barb Maynard said in her statement “the recent 50-count Unfair Labor Practice Complaint issued by Region 21 of the National Labor Relations Board against Green Fleet Systems underscores how fed up port drivers are with being mistreated and misclassified by their employers”.
Neither the ILWU nor the PMA would comment on what might happen if truckers picket in the harbor next week. The ILWU’s response was that the union had no information about any such action being planned for July 7.
The last time the Teamsters attempted to shut down Port operations, the ILWU honored the picket lines and it was through arbitration that the workers were ordered back to work.  However, without a contract in place, there is no mechanism for arbitration.  This could have the ability to shut down the terminals in LA for the week.  That would obviously be the worst possible outcome, but it is yet to be determined whether the ILWU will honor the Teamsters picket lines or not.
RCL Agency will continue to monitor and will keep you posted as we get more information.