Strike Ended at LA and Long Beach

The Los Angeles Times reports that   a nine-day trucker strike at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has come to an end after truck drivers from two companies agreed to return to work.

Several hundred truckers , who work for manufacturer and distributor Pacer International and Harbor Rail Transport, have vowed to continue discussions with their colleagues, and will not retaliate against drivers who choose to walk away from their jobs.

Strikes at the ports began on November 13, 2014, after drivers from several firms said they were improperly classified as independent contractors.  As a result, drivers claimed they were left with fewer workplace protections and lower pay in comparison to workers who remained working for a company.

Following negotiations with drivers from other firms, drivers from the other five firms stopped striking before November 21, 2014.

Port officials have said cargo continues to move and that cargo has not been disrupted since the strikes began. Container terminals have remained open to trade.

The ILWU and multinational shipping lines represented by the Pacific Maritime Association are negotiating a new contract for about 20,000 workers.

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