Strike Action Hits Port of Callao

APM Terminals (APMT) has announced that the Port of Callao will endure a labor strike as a direct response to port workers’ management concerns.

Tom Boyd a spokesperson at APMT confirmed to IHS Maritime that the ‘indefinite’ strike at the general cargo facility in Peru had began on May 13.

Peruvian Callao Dockers Union SUTRAMPORPC  strike over wages and fair and safe working conditions follows on from an organized 48-hour industrial action back in April. SUTRAMPORPC says AMPT failed to “properly negotiate” while administrative staff “seems to have been forced to carry out cargo operations”. Some dockers apparently reported discharged cars, “a situation that is both illegal but also goes against the security of the terminal”.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has voiced support of the strike. Geraldo Honores, secretary at the Peruvian union SUTRAMPORC made a statement accusing APMT of launching a campaign against the unionised workers as well as unfairly suspending workers.

Boyd stressed that the strike will not affect APMT’s container operations in Callao. He added that a contract with labor with five per cent  wage increases was signed.

Callao is the largest port in Peru, while APM North Pier Terminal is the major port operator, operating 70.8% of all vessels calling at Callao.

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