Strategic Goals for Kazakhstan Railways

As KTZ website reports, Kazakhstan Railways’ President Askar Mamin voiced the goals of the railways at a meeting with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

By 2020  the railway expects to double transit turnover from 18 to 36 MM tons.

Also, the company plans to decrease the rolling stock as follows:

– for locomotives – from 77% to 40%;

– for freight cars – from 69% to 34%;

– for mainline track – from 66% to 40%;

– for passenger coaches – from 70% to 40%.

Mr. Mamin emphasized production localization in Kazakhstan for projects arranged in cooperation with global suppliers.

Kazakhstan has a stated goal of becoming the Eurasian land bridge, a “land-linked” rather than a “land-locked” country. The volume of released engineering products in 2012  amounted to 155 billion tenge (local currency) increased from 10 billion tenge in 2008, and by 2015, according to the adopted strategic documents, this figure will reach 300 billion which is 30 times more than in 2008.   New  railway engineering with large output of high value-added production and productivity was created.

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