Spanish Dockworkers Cancel Remaining Strikes

The Journal of Commerce reports that the Spanish dockworkers’ union  canceled the remaining four days of a nine-day strike campaign after the government failed to win parliamentary support for reforms of the country’s dock labor system.

The strikes, which would have involved dockworkers stopping work every other hour, were due to take place on March 17, 20, 22, and 24.

The CMT union had earlier canceled five days of strikes while it held negotiations with the terminal operators and stevedores’ organization Anesco.

The remaining strike days have been cancelled after the Stowage Reform Law the stevedores were opposing was shot down. Now the Congress of Deputies is calling for a re-write of the law and stevedores are rejoicing.

The draft reform would dismantle the union’s monopoly over the hiring of dockworkers across the Spanish waterfront and free port employers to hire non-union labor and remove the obligation to be paying members of the local dock pools.

The situation at Spanish ports is still uncertain. Negotiations between the National Association of Stevedoring , the Ship Consignment Companies (Anesco), and the stevedores’ unions will continue, all parties searching for an agreeable solution to the conflict.
The dockworkers’ union said it is prepared to start “serious and rigorous” negotiations with all parties, including employers and the government, to reach a consensus on responding to the Luxembourg court’s ruling.
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