Spanish Dockers Announce 9-Days Strike Action beginning March 6th

Spanish dock workers have called for nine days of strikes starting from March 6th against the port liberalization decree, as the Journal of Commerce reports.

Current legislation requires dockers to join a pool, SAGEP, in each port. SAGEP recruits and trains workers and puts them at the disposal of terminal operators and other cargo stevedores. Port operators can only hire casual labor if the pool can’t provide sufficient staff or if they are not  suitable for the job.

The proposals would allow companies operating in ports to hire staff that do not belong to unions, a move unpopular with union members but which would help bring Spain in line with European Union regulations.

The nine days of stoppages across dozens of Spanish ports would take place on alternate days, meaning disruptions could drag on for three weeks between March 6 and March 24.

Negotiations between the unions and the government were set to continue.

Please be guided accordingly. RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and provide more updates once available.