Shipping Tools

Bulk Packaging Liner Bag System: Powertex Inc. sells bulk liner bags which may be installed into standard dry containers for the safe movement of dry bulk materials including food, mineral and industrial waste as well as other products.

Bulk Thrower for Container Loading: Designed to load ISO 20′ and 40′ containers quickly, safely and easily.

CargoQuilt: Insulation to help temperature control cargo.

Container Specifications: Dimensions and measurements for containers. Including door openings, container sizes, cargo capacity, interior dimensions, Refrigerated Container with voltage and more.

Conversion Calculator: Easy conversions from & to metric. ( See also “Metric Tables” )

Duty Drawback Specialists: J.M.Rogers Co.,Inc. Gets you big refunds on previously imported cargo upon export.

EU Requirements for Wood Packing Materials: Non Manufactured Wood Packing Material.  Countries of the European Union will require treatment and marking of all coniferous Non-Manufactured Wood Packing Material.

Federal Maritime Commission: Independent Government agency, responsible for the regulation of shipping in foreign trades of the U.S.A.

Find A Ship:  Find any ship all over the world! With FindShip, you can track your vessel’ movements real time on the map.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule: Need help finding the Harmonized Code for your cargo?  The US International Trade Commission’s website offers a chapter-by-chapter listing of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and general notes.

Incoterms Explained: Incoterms are internationally accepted rules for worldwide trade. Learn about the 11 rules here.

Maps- USA /Canada & World-Wide points: Easy to use map look-up illustrates shortest routes & mileages.

Maritime Law: Galland, Kharasch & Garfinkle, P.C.,Washington, D.C – Maritime Attorney specializing in International Trade & Transportation.

Metric Conversion Tables: Printable Charts covering, length, area, mass, volume, temperature.

National Cargo Bureau, Inc.: Conducts inspections and surveys that are incidental to the loading or discharging of a ship, and issues the appropriate certificates and/or survey reports.

Ocean Cargo Insurance Terms: Alphabetical listing of terms used within the industry.

Ocean Ship Schedules:  Check ship schedules, between USA and World Ports – exports & imports

Office of Foreign Asset Control: USA Government web site of keeping compliant to USA law.

Pier Pass / Los Angeles / Long Beach: New truck regulations for trucking loaded containers through these ports.

Rates of Exchange: Easy to use rates of exchange for major world currencies.

Sailing Schedules

Schedule B Information: US Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics – search for Schedule B codes by keyword

Trade Document Services: Trade Technologies is the largest global provider of outsourced trade document services and software provides leading exporters, freight forwarders and international trade banks with trade document solutions, training and consulting.

USA Customs & Border Protection

Zip Codes in USA: Easy to use this postal code look-up.