Shanghai Yangshan Port Congestion

Please be advised that the congestion at  Shanghai’s Yangshan deepwater port has increased by more than 40 percent since the beginning of April  and could last until mid-May, the Journal of Commerce reports. The congestion is affecting mainly the Asia-Europe, trans-Pacific, and Asia-Australia trade lanes

The average delay per vessel from April 16 to April 18 has grown by 42 percent to 53 hours compared with week before, and by 41 percent compared with the first week of April, CargoSmart analysis shows.

Very foggy conditions, which can last for several days along the affected region in China, is the most immediate cause of the delays, as ships are unable to reach port and are being rerouted.

Besides bad weather, other factors have combined to cause  congestion.  A large number of containers from Hanjin Shipping, which collapsed last year, remained in the port taking up space. A second reason was the service and terminal changes that accompanied the Alliance re-shuffle starting April 1st  and the third reason  is the capacity mismanagement among the major terminal operators within Yangshan, where one operator has idle capacity and the another is buried in boxes and ships.

Many ships from other carriers remain at sea,  waiting for conditions to improve before attempting to enter the port.

The Shanghai International Port Group has been trying to address the capacity issues and has been shifting some port calls from Yangshan to its other terminals in the city. However, as the busiest container port in the world, the sheer volume of boxes moving through the terminals are difficult to manage even when everything is going right.

RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and provide more updates. Please be guided accordingly .