Russian Ports Development Project

According to  IAA PortNews ,  Deputy Transport Minister of Russia Victor Olersky announced last week at the Forum of Dredging Companies organized by media-group PortNews that the development of Russia’s Baltic ports has been completed.Viktor Olersky also stated that further development of the port sector in Russia will be primarily driven by the construction of specialized deepwater transshipment complexes focused on servicing of large capacity vessels.

According to Victor Olersky, current capacity of seaports in Russia is about 850 million t per year with a plan to expand it to over 1 billion tonn per year within the nearest 5 years. New terminals are to be built mainly in the Southern and the Far East Basins and new projects  will be totally related to dredging.

By 2018, production facilities of Russian seaports will see 262-million tonn growth under the state programme “Transport System Development” and 40-million tonn growth under the state programme “Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region”.

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