Russian Customs to Improve Filing Process

 To eliminate redundancy, The Russian Federal Customs Service decided that customs paperwork is to be filed only electronically, according to a report in the Journal of Commerce.
Removing the requirement for  hard copies  should cut transportation costs by 10 to 15 percent. In addition, the customs agency also plans to establish a central location to handle customs declarations and automate those declarations. The central location is expected to come online next month, while the phasing out of hard copy documentation will take place over the coming months.
The customs agency has already started to improve its operation.  Those efforts included introducing electronic filing, reducing the amount of paperwork required, and allowing shippers to create online profiles the agency can use to look at their shipping history- all of which makes it less likely such shippers will face delays.
The results of the efforts are noticeable. The time it now takes for customs clearance at Baltic customs has fallen since 2016.  Customs clearance for exports takes 1 hour instead of 2 hours as in last year. The time for  customs clearance of import also has been reduced from 29 minutes to 18 minutes.

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