Russia Applies New Rule for Foreign Trucking Companies Effective September 1st

The Journal of Commerce reports that beginning September 1st Russia will apply new rule for foreign trucking companies that enter the country.

The new requirements will apply to international consignment notes, which are provided by foreign carriers to the government to confirm the history of a shipment such as the origin warehouse and its location and vehicle registration. The Russian Association of Carriers by Auto Transport, a public association representing domestic and foreign transport companies operating in Russia, opposes the change because it fears that it could increase costs. The association also said that the customs agency needs to better fight corruption within its ranks, which has been growing worse in recent years.

Under current Russian legislation a stamp on the consignment note by the customs officials of a foreign country is acceptable, but this will change, according to an official spokesperson of Maxim Sokolov, Russia’s Ministry of Transport.

The details of the change have not been announced officially, but sources close to the ministry said the stampings will now be done by Russian customs authorities.

Shippers and foreign transportation firms have already criticized the possible change , as it could cause the number of foreign trucking providers in Russia to decline.

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