Russia-Poland Motor Freight Traffic to Resume for Two Months

Russian Deputy Minister of Transport Nikolay Asaul advised that Russia and Poland will resume freight trucking for two months under a temporary agreement, which comes after a short halt in transportation between the two countries.

As we reported earlier this month, freight transport between Russia and Poland was suspended on February 1 because of a lack of an agreement on quotas for the issuance of permits for 2016.

A temporary agreement on the ground transportation of goods was reached on Friday, February 19. The carriers of the two countries will be able to resume freight traffic on 20 February.

Russian and Polish freight carriers  received  20,000 permits for each country until April 15. 10,000 permits for the Polish side are intended for the traffic between Russia and Poland and transit and the other 10,000 ones for carriage from third countries, Asaul said. Russia will have 19,500 forms for bilateral carriage and 500 for carriage to third countries.

The temporary agreement will be replaced by a permanent one once the two sides analyze the work of the freight carriers after the temporary deal expires, the minister explained.

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