Russia Applies Extra Charges on Foreign Motor Carriers

The cost of transshipping containers by truck in Russia using international motor carriers has doubled due to a decision of the government to apply  extra charges on foreign motor carriers, increasing costs for shippers, as the Journal of Commerce reports.

The charges for foreign motor carriers previously existed but will increase from 385 rubles to 850 rubles ($5.88 to $12.99) per day, and from 60,000 rubles to 120,000 rubles per year. They will apply to trucks with capacities ranging from 3.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes (3.8 tons to 13.2 tons). Motor carriers from the following countries are likely to be impacted by the new regulation: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has already signed the rule change into law. The proceeds from the rule, which was passed to help reverse the effects of the devaluation of the ruble, will go into Russia’s Road Fund, which provides funding for the majority of the country’s infrastructure projects.

The rule should increase the competitiveness of Russian motor carriers, according to the government, which has not ruled out the possibility that the implementation of this measure may result in price increases for some imported goods.

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