Rotterdam Strike Update: Negotiations on Hold due to Labor Action at the Terminals

Earlier this month, we reported  that container workers at the Port of Rotterdam have voted to hold a series of 24-hour strikes in December and January in protest at possible job cuts, threatening to freeze the movement of goods.

The container terminals on the Maasvlakte and the lashing companies, supported by the Port of Rotterdam Authority, have offered the unions an employment guarantee of 4.5 years. In addition, a set of measures has been developed in order to avoid redundancy in the sector in the coming years.

However, during the negotiations between employers, trade unions and the Port Authority on Friday, employees started actions at the terminals. Employers and the Port Authority have therefore stopped the negotiations process, not wanting to negotiate further under pressure from labor actions.

The Port Authority and the employers have pointed out that for the international clients of the port of Rotterdam reliability is important. The competitiveness of the port of Rotterdam is under pressure in this period of limited growth. Therefore, employers and the Port Authority are willing to give a long-term employment guarantee.

Each shift can start a strike or start working later, which means that it is unpredictable when, where and for how long delays are expected. At this moment no delays are being reported.

Please be guided accordingly. RCL Agencies will report further updates once available.