Rotterdam Port Strikes are planned for December and January

Rotterdam port workers are planning to take industrial action in their efforts to get job guarantees following the opening of a new extension,  Reuters reports.

Container workers at the Port of Rotterdam have voted to hold a series of 24-hour strikes in December and January in protest at possible job cuts, threatening to freeze the movement of goods through port of Rotterdam.  The strikes were triggered after two automated container terminals were commissioned for the port, which could see the loss of up to 700 jobs in 2017.

Niek Stam, leader of the FNV Havens union, said that in order to guarantee zero lay-offs of workers, the union had voted in favour of the strikes, which would take place over three days in December and an additional three days in January, 2016.

Whether or not traffic in the port is disrupted will depend on the nature of the strike and how thoroughly union members adhere to the call, said Sjaak Poppe, a spokesman for the Port of Rotterdam.  The first action is expected between December 9th  and 11th.

Please be guided accordingly. RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates once available.