Road, Rail Traffic to LA/LB Ports Back to Normal After Fire Disruption

Truck and intermodal rail traffic in Southern California are back to normal after the Blue Cut fire in San Bernardino County disrupted commercial and vehicular traffic for five days last week , according to information in the Journal of Commerce. Cargo-handling at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex had not been impacted by the fire.

The Union Pacific track that had been closed last week reopened at 10 a.m. Saturday after bridge repair work.

California Trucking Association spokesman Alex Cherin said member carriers were able to work around the highway and road closures with only minimal problems last week.

Drayage companies in Los Angeles-Long Beach likewise experienced no significant issues because they were able to navigate around the closed areas, said Weston LaBar, executive director of the Harbor Trucking Association. Some HTA members reported equipment dislocations, but those problems were addressed, as he said.

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