Riga Port: Wagon Shortage and Storage Charges

As our partner Maxx Intermodal Systems informs, currently there is a wagon shortage in Riga. The recent railway accident is not the only reason that causes destabilization of the platform situation in Riga. As we know, the volume shipped via Riga during the last decade was extremely high compounded by the fact that Kazakh and Uzbek railways are not returning Latvian platforms preferring to route them instead to other countries. As a result, the ability to move the backlog and dispatching of freight is slow.

Please be advised about possible delays as well storage charges that might be applied by the port if the material is not able to be provided a rail platform before free time expires in port.

As our partner informs, in order to avoid in future any problems with improper use of the platforms by other countries,   Latvia is discussing an option to privatize all their platforms. However, this might lead to the increase of the railway tariff.

The situation started improving and we will keep you informed.