Reminder of Wood Packaging Requirements for Imports to USA and Candada

Shipments into the USA and Canada are subject to strict requirements imposed by USCBP/USDA regarding wood packaging materials (WPM).

All shipments being sent to the USA or Canada must be compliant with current regulations which requires that all wood packaging to be treated and stamped (example shown below) in accordance with International Phytosanitary Measures currently in place.

wood packaging.png

More information can be found at the following link:

To avoid problems and additional costs upon arrival, please ensure you/your supplier reviews the WPM policy, and that you/they are aware of the following:

    • Non-compliant wood packaging material (WPM) can be a significant obstacle for freight export or import, causing delays and extra costs.
    • Suppliers should check that the pallets they use are ISPM 15 compliant and that they have the appropriate ISPM 15 stamp.
    • Suppliers should be aware of the ISPM 15 standard, or should ask for assistance where needed to ensure they are compliant.
    • Suppliers should refer to the following to learn more about  WPM compliance (
    • Suppliers can also explore alternatives to WPM:


  • Plastic or metal pallets.
  • Pallets and crating constructed from manufactured wood products (OSB, plywood, cardboard).
  • Do a cost benefit analysis if considering alternatives to WPM.


    • Suppliers should be aware  that non-compliant WPM may result in shipment delays, financial cost to the supply-chain and potential ecological cost to the natural resources of the United States.
Please contact RCL Agencies for more information, or for help with your export or import shipments!