Qingdao Port Signs New Partnership

To further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Port of Djibouti in Eastern Africa and the Port of Qingdao,  Djibouti Port S.A and Qingdao Port Group have decided to enter into a sister port relationship, according to the information provided by Port Technology.

The agreement, which was signed on Wednesday by Djibouti port’s director general Saad Omar Guelleh and the vice-president of Qingdao port Cheng Xinnong, aims to reinforce Djibouti port’s human resource capacities and logistical means.

The agreement is aimed to promote the trade and shipping links between each other, to strengthen exchanges of information and technology, and business collaboration.

Port of Djibouti and Port of Qingdao intend to take advantage of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative to enhance cooperation in the areas of port planning and development, operation and management, low carbon and green port, staff training, process excellence, and productivity improvement.

The two ports also aim to establish a mechanism to enhance information and technological exchanges in the areas which include port and shipping industry information, shipping and trade statistics and low carbon initiatives.

They will aim to facilitate each other,s business activities within the limit of their respective capabilities.

The contents and items of this Agreement are non-obligatory and should be implemented based on further agreement by both parties.

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