Qingdao Station Railway Increase and Storage Application.

Please be advised about the new additional Qingdao station railway increase and storage application.

Our partners, Maxx Intermodal Systems report that starting from January 1st , 2012 an increase of USD 100 / Platform (2×20’ctrs or 1×40’ctr) will be applied for all transit and export cargo en route to Qingdao – Alashankou based on actual dispatch date. As a direct order of Chinese Railways, the tariff increase is applied it to all cargo that will be leaving Qingdao, as from January 1st (regardless of arrival date to Huangdao).

Please also take into consideration that Qingdao Port Authorities adopted an additional lift on/off charges and storage charges for all cargo which are arriving to port with Weidong Ferry, starting from January 1st, 2012. This can be explained by increasing cost of operations.  Storage charges starting from day 5 will be USD 1.5 per TEU. Additional lift on/lift off charges are still under review but an increase is expected. We will keep you informed.