Port Strike in Brazil

Please be advised  there was a  6-hour work stoppage in the port of Santos , Brazil on February 22nd. The strike halted the movement of corn and soybeans at the port of Santos. A largely automated, private grain terminal was forced it to shut down operations,

The Santos strike will be followed by similar stoppages at other ports nationwide, said Paulo Pereira da Silva, federal deputy and president of the Forca Sindical labor confederation. Workers are planning an open-ended strike starting March 18 if no agreement has been reached with the government, Pereira said.

According to Bloomberg News, the port union leaders in Brazil are protesting government plans to cede control of as many as 95 terminals to private operators. President Dilma Rousseff has instructed officials to resist union pressure and continue with plans, which aim to attract 54.2 billion reais ($27.5 billion) in private port investments and help stimulate an economy that grew 1 percent last year, according to the Central Bank.

According to Pereira, changing ownership of the country’s ports will cause both firings and worsening job conditions for workers who stay on.

Please be also aware of a work stoppage in port of Marceio from 0700 to 1300 hours. The striking port workers will include stevedores and linesmen, so the port was not operative during this time.

RCL Agencies will continue to monitor events in the country and will post  news updates once available.