LA Port Drivers Strike Against Local Trucking Companies

As the LA Times reports, port of Los Angeles truck drivers from three companies walked off the job in Carson and Long Beach yesterday, launching a 36-hour strike to protest what they called “unfair labor practices” arising from their desire to join the Teamsters.
The 36-hour work stoppage started at 5 a.m on Monday, November 18th and included workers from Green Fleet Systems, American Logistics International and Pac 9 Transportation.
Drivers walked picket lines outside all three companies, some with signs that read, “Stop this unlawful war on workers”. The group Justice for Port Drivers said the job action was meant to protest “unfair labor practices, including harassment, intimidation, and other violations of Federal labor laws.”

Alex Cherin, a spokesman for Green Fleet and Pac 9, characterized the strikes as “the desperate acts of a group trying to force their agenda on an industry that time and time again has simply rejected them.”

In remarks quoted by the Los Angeles Times, he said the majority of employees and drivers at Green Fleet do not want a union. He said the company offers its employees competitive wages and benefits.

Please note that these strikes are at the trucking company locations and not at the port, therefore causing no disruptions at the port terminals.  RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and report further updates once available.