Port of Oakland Implements “Extended Gate Fee” Effective June 27th

Please be advised that the Port of Oakland is implementing  Extended Gate Fee of $30 which will go into effect Monday June 27th, 2016 and will apply to all import and export loads coming in and out of the terminal both shifts (day and night).  This Extended Gate Fee is based on a 90-day TRIAL BASIS and will be further reviewed after that time.
This fee will fund the cost of full night operations at the port, which have helped to mitigate the congestion and delays of the daylight hours. Previously the night operations were financed by a Port subsidy which expires this month.
While there have been mixed reviews on the results of the first test, with many customers of the port indicating that there is less traffic and shorter lines at the terminals at night, but that once inside the terminal, the delays are worse.
 If you have any questions, feel free to contact  RCL Agencies at 973-779-5900