Port of Los Angeles Resumes Operations

Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles have resumed operations as of the evening on September 23.

According to officials  the wharf fire in Wilmington has been extinguished after more than 32 hours of active firefighting. No injuries have been repoerted. All terminals are now open, except for Pasha, where the fire was located.

Port of Los Angeles spokesman Phillip Sanfield told the Journal of Commerce  about 800 feet of wharf at the Pasha terminal were burned. A construction crew had been working on the facility when the wharf caught fire.

Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles reopened as of 9 p.m. on Tuesday after being closed for several hours because of the fire.  The port, container terminals and the Alameda Corridor rail route had been closed as a result of air quality concerns resulting from toxic fumes billowing from a lumber fire at the Pasha breakbulk terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. Three container terminals at Long Beach ― TTI at Pier T, serving Hanjin Shipping; SSA Terminals at Pier A; and Long Beach Container Terminal at Pier F ― were also shut down for the day shift.
Two cargo vessels were evacuated from the port not because they were in danger but for precautionary reasons, Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Jamie Moore told ABC News.
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