Port of Los Angeles launches “Peel Off” Program to Clear Cargo Backlog

The Port of Los Angeles has launched a new program that would allow the nation’s busiest seaport to clear the backlog of containers at the port and speed up operations.

Officials have introduced the “Peel Off” program, which would allow containers from major customers to be moved to a designated area where truckers could quickly pick up and move those containers destined for distribution centers inland.

The port teamed with stevedoring company The Pasha Group, harbour trucking firm Total Transportation Services (TTSI), several marine container terminal operators, and a core group of major retailers to create the program, which involves “peeling off” containers of high-volume customers to a near-dock yard where they are sorted for destination to inland distribution centers. Under ‘Peel Off’ import containers loaded with goods belonging to high-volume shippers are stacked together in a block upon arrival at the port. The terminals expedite trucks through their gates to retrieve the containers and deliver them to the near-dock yard where they are sorted. The same trucks loop back to the terminals for the next inbound container. The trucks keep boxes moving by delivering outbound containers on the return leg.
Cargo owners can move their containers through the Peel Off yard in less than 48 hours and make those trips at night during off-peak traffic hours.

“Peel Off” also offers clean air benefits by reducing truck trips, gate waits and idling. All trucks calling at the near-dock yard remain subject to the Port’s Clean Truck Program requirements.

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