Operations at the Port of Santos Resume, but Shippers still Face Problems

The fire that engulfed the Ultracargo terminal in Alemoa, Santos, Brazil last week is finally under control — but not extinguished.

Operations were halted last Thursday after a fire broke out at a fuel storage facility operated by Ultracargo. The cause of the fire is unknown. Truck access to the Port of Santos was further restricted early on Monday.

Port representatives have since said that only two out of 53 docks have been affected.

The bunkering operations had resumed at the port of Santos already on Tuesday. Shippers continue to face problems as containers are being stocked at several container terminals on the right bank of the port of Santos.

A total of 10 vessels have either diverted from Santos or switched from their original right bank terminal for docking, with around six ships diverted away from Brasil Terminal Portuaria (BTP), the box terminal adjacent to Ultracargo, said Codesp, the Santos port authority.

BTP itself told local media that some 11,500 trucks were diverted away from the terminal while it was closed — from April 3 through April 5 — and some 7,500 containers could not be loaded or unloaded.

Import containers are now clogging up the patios at BTP and other right-bank box terminals, including Rodrimar, Ecoporto Santos (former Tecondi) and Libra Terminals’ T-35 and T-37 facilities.

Highway police in Brazil escorted today a convoy of trucks past a blocked entrance at Santos, providing some relief to grain exports that have slowed this week.

It will take from three to five days for operations to return to normal.

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