NY/NJ Truckers Urge Terminal to Stay Closed January 2

Port of New York and New Jersey truckers are against the opening of a terminal on January 2nd, according to a report in the Journal of Commerce.

The main concern is that the move move will trigger unnecessary demurrage, detention and per-diem fees.

Global Container Terminals originally planned to open its its Bayonne, New Jersey, terminal on Dec. 26, but John Atkins, the president of the operators’ US operations, said work flow issues, not trucker protest, spurred the decision to close that day. GCT will be the only one of the port’s four main terminals to stay open Jan. 2.

In response to the plan, the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers, the port’s main trade group for drayage truckers, sent a letter to the terminal on December. 18 urging it abandon the plan.

Atkins, president of GCT USA, said the decision to open the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day was based on the flow of containers expected through the terminal.

He said he was surprised that, given the frequently voiced concerns about congestion and delays in the port, some truckers would be against the terminal opening on a day when traffic will likely be light and passage through the terminal should be relatively fast.

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