NY-NJ Port Introduces Web Portal for Cargo Information

The Port of New York and New Jersey has introduced a central web portal to enable truckers and shippers to check container availability, export booking status and other information before drayage drivers are dispatched to terminals, according to the information provided by the Journal of Commerce.

Creation of a port community system for online sharing of information was one of the top recommendations last year by an industry-wide task force created to reduce congestion and delays at the East Coast’s busiest port.

The new central web portal, Terminal Information Portal System (TIPS), seeks to reduce truck drivers’ wasted trips and unnecessary stops at terminals’ “trouble windows” to resolve documentation problems.

TIPS users will be able to create watch lists of import containers they are expecting at any of the port’s six container terminals. They also will be able to receive email updates when the status of these containers changes or a hold is placed or released on containers.

In addition to container availability and export booking status, TIPS will allow users to obtain information on terminal-specific news such as extended hours, holiday schedules, or closures at all six of the the port’s container terminals. The system is designed for future addition of other features, such as interactive checking of empty-container return locations and vessel schedules.

Online sharing of information is gaining acceptance at several U.S. ports. In Houston, Virginia, and Baltimore, truckers use Versiant’s Mobile Lynx application, which is integrated with terminals’ operating systems. At least two New York-New Jersey terminals, Maher and GCT-Bayonne, also have used Versiant Lynx.

TIPS is available to truckers, beneficial cargo owners and other service providers through a secure login at the PortTruckPass website at  www.porttruckpass.com