NY- NJ Port Development Project

The port of New York and New Jersey is committed to increasing performance  and is currently investing $4.3 billion in infrastructure improvements over the next 10 years. Investment projects include  the reconstruction of the Bayonne Bridge, scheduled to be completed in 2015. The bridge/roadway is being raised in order  to provide additional airway draft for larger vessels entering the  harbor. In Spring 2013 the port authority also started replacement of  the Goethals Bridge. The new bridge will feature three 12-foot wide travel lanes in each direction, providing greater capacity.

$1,6 billion will be invested in deepening the harbor. This project will allow larger and longer ships to access the nautical corridor leading from the Ambrose Channel into the Upper Bay and Newark Bay. The port has also adopted an expansive roadway capital plan to improve its network of vital roadways servicing Port Newark which will enhance port access by expanding roadway capacity and greatly modernizing our intermodal rail services. The new plan is scheduled to be implemented by 2019.  The port authority  is also expanding rail facilities by adding capacity and two tracks.  APM and Maher terminals are also slated for  improvements – the terminal area is being expanded and and four new cranes have been added.  New York Conatiner Terminal  has increased length of the berth and constructed an intermodal rail facility. Global Terminal is planned to become the port’s first  operator to deploy automaded rail-mounted ganty cranes which  will maximize efficiency on the Port Jersey Channel.

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