Newly Imposed Regulation for Brazil Wooden Package Material effective February 1st

Please be advised  that effective February 1st, 2016  the Brazil Ministry of Agriculture has imposed a regulation (through Normative Instruction Nº. 32 of 09/23/2015).  The new regulation requires cargo to/from Brazil, including freight remaining on board and transshipment cargo, to include information about wooden packaging material.

If the container includes wood packaging, Shippers will be responsible to provide wood packaging information at the time of Shipping Instruction submission.

The imposed regulation includes the following types of wooden package material:
a. Treated and Certified; (Treated material and/or fumigated with certification);
b. Processed; (Processed material);
c. Not Treated and Not Certified (Non treated material and/or fumigated with certification).
If the Shipping Instructions  received without wood packing material information, it will be considered that new regulation is “not applicable” to your shipment.
Additional information can be found under Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil- link:

As always, should you have any questions, please contact an RCL Agencies representative at 973-779-5900