New Routes between Finland and Russia

Russia and Finland aviation authorities have agreed to add three more destinations between the countries for Finnish and Russian carriers, comprising routes from Helsinki to Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara, according to official reports. Three more routes will be discussed in the future. Both sides will also consider flights from Finland cities to Ufa, Perm and Novosibirsk.

The two countries also removed restrictions for the number of airlines, type of aircraft, capacity and frequencies on the agreed-upon routes except to Helsinki, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Russian all-cargo air carriers will be permitted to fly 7 times  weekly frequencies on Russia-Helsinki routes and any five points in Europe from Helsinki with fifth freedom traffic rights, according to the document.

Russian and Finnish all-cargo airlines will also be able to add three frequencies (one-and-a-half per side) on existing trans-Siberian routes.

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