New road weight restrictions in Russia effective January 1st, 2016

As per latest Russian load regulations, maximum allowed total vehicle weight (truck plus trailer and container with cargo) is limited to:

  • 40 tons for 5-axis vehicle
  • 44 tons for 6-axis vehicle

Depending on type of truck and trailer,maximum cargo gross weight (excluding container tare):

  • 20 tons for 20′ DV
  • 21,5 tons for 40′ DV and 40′ HC

Delivery of heavy cargo, over 20 tons/20′ and 21,5 tons/40′ , by trucks, will still be possible but will require special permit for trucking companies.

In addition,  effective 15/11/2015 overweight surcharge will be applicable for all trucks with permissible weight over 12 tons.

Automated control gates will be installed at federal roads and fines will be billed automatically if trucking company didn’t pay this surcharge prior to haulage.

In case cargo weight is higher than the above mentioned limits, alternative rail solutions remain available in Russia.

The new restrictions are expected to become effective January 1st, 2016 – however, the situation and restrictions could change.   RCL Agencies will provide further updates once available.

In case cargo should be moved by road, RCL Agencies will still be able to evaluate, provided a special permit is agreed with local trucker.

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