New Requirements for China Railways

Our Chinese agents have advised us of new requirements for shipping via China’s railways.  In order to pair up 2×20’containers on the same railcar we must meet the following newly imposed criteria from China Railways:

1. Weight difference between the 2 containers must be less than 6MT

2. Both containers must be going to the same final station of destination

China Railways are usually very strict about the weight difference and many clients are aware of this problem and ship 20′ containers strictly in pairs, which greatly reduces the total amount of single containers available to make a pair. Any solo 20’ container has to wait for an unacceptably long time for another 20′ or the customer is forced to reload into 40’ctr.

Please note that RCL will not be able to accept any single 20’containers, except for cargo destined to Almaty-1 (700007) and Chukursay (720000). However, even to those stations we highly recommend you to ship only in pairs.

Please be guided accordingly. For more information please contact RCL representative.