New Custom Regulation

Please see the below announcement from our partners, Maxx Intermodal Systems in Tashkent.

Be advised about the new regulation for custom application and documentation requirement that are attached with the cargo.

1. As from 2012.1.1, all transportation cargo to/via Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Belarus), should fill in the custom application form.

2. All documents that are attached with the cargo should have the following info:

– Shipper name and address

– Consignee name and address

– Name of dispatch station and destination station

– Cargo name

– Hs Code – 8 Digit

– Accurate quantity and packing info of the cargo

– Gross weight of the cargo

– If use container transportation, indicate the container number

3. If one wagon and container including more than one HS code, indicate the breakdown of each HS code

4. For some destination need transit permission. If this document is unavailable, then it won’t be allowed for the cargo to cross the border. In order to avoid the demurrage, it is advisable to prepare the transit permission before the transportation.