Moving Customs E-Clearance from St. Petersburg Faces Opposition

The Russian government has pushed ahead with plans to situate the Federal Customs Service’s e-customs clearance for the Russian northwest in the port of Bronka despite shipper and marine terminal operator opposition, the Journal of Commerce reports.  The Center for Electronic Declarations at Bronka (ECD) will be located  at Bronka , this is 37 miles from St. Petersburg, Russia’s busiest container port.

Customs shows no sign of moving the ECD, which will stay in Bronka at least until the middle of 2018, according to Alexander Getman, head of the North-Western Customs Administration.  Testing of the CED has been successful and there have been no technological problems or delays, Getman said.

According to terminal operator UCL Holdings this  will increase costs and transit times because much of Russia’s customs documentation must still be in hard copy form.

Terminal operators that have voiced opposition to the changes, including Global Ports, have said that housing the e-customs center in Bronka could force them to increase their rates 5 to 7 percent.

Shippers can still handle customs clearance issues at St. Petersburg, but electronic customs declarations will be phased out at those locations in favor of the Bronka CED over the next several months.

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