More Carriers Implement Montreal Low Water Surcharge

As we’ve posted earlier, the St. Lawrence River water levels have dropped drastically, resulting in  implementation of  a Low Water Surcharge for  cargo moving via the port of Montreal.

Charges per carrier are the  following:

MSC : 150$/20’ and 170$/40’ per June 1st. (please note based on  B/L date)

MAERSK : 200$/20’ and 200$/40’ and 45’ per June 1st.

HAPAG : 150$/20’ and 175$/40’ per May 22nd.

OOCL : 100$/20’ and 200$/40’ and 45’ per June 1st.

CMA : 150$/20’ and 175$/40’ per June 1st.

RCL Agencies  will provide further updates as they become available.

**RCL can assist you with finding alternatives to the port of Montreal – call or email us for assistance!**