Montreal Low Water Surcharge Implemented

Please be advised that some ocean carriers are planning to implement a Low Water Surcharge for all cargo moving via the port of Montreal due to the fact that water levels have fallen in the St. Lawrence River, preventing the ships from being fully loaded.

The surcharges per carrier to be imposed are the following:

MSC : 150$/20’ and 170$/40’ and 45’ per June 1st.

MAERSK : 200$/20’ and 200$/40’ and 45’ per June 1st.

HAPAG : 150$/20’ and 175$/40’ and 45’ per May 22nd.

We expect other carriers to follow soon. RCL Agencies will provide additional information once available. If you would like to learn about other port options for your cargo, or if you have any questions please contact us at or at 973-779-5900