Joplin, Midwest market hub, is back to business

In May of 2011, a tornado destroyed a region of Missouri and a lot of attention was placed on city of Joplin. The city of Joplin is the transportation hub of the region and is located near the center of United States which is central to the Mexican and Canadian borders.
The region is now back and open for business. All the areas damaged by tornado are rebuilt and power has being restored. This region continues to grow and is one of the countries strongest logistic sites. There are three Class 1 railroads and two regional short-line railroads which are a very important part of our domestic and international transportation system. These rail ways are direct connections to major ports on the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Also, Joplin’s Regional airport offers commercial and cargo air services to different world markets.   We are please to see their operations are back to normal.