Mandatory Truck Appointments for Imports at Port of Oakland

Oakland International Container Terminal on June 6 will launch a program of mandatory trucker appointments for most import loads as Oakland’s largest container terminal takes another step to accommodate increasing container volumes,  according to the Journal of Commerce. 

Outer Harbor Terminal (OICT)  has been rolling out new programs that should help the terminal to better handle the additional business. Two months ago OICT began operating night and Saturday gates. The operator has added staff, purchased additional cargo-handling equipment and opened a new yard exclusively for empty containers.

Requiring appointments for inbound loads should help OICT to better manage its gate traffic each day. OICT will require appointments for drivers picking up containers from import delivery lanes. These are rows of containers discharged from ships and stacked five high to await collection. Longshoremen operating rubber-tire gantry cranes deliver the containers to truckers. OICT releases about 1,000 import loads each day, the port said.

Three types of import pick-ups will not require appointments:

  • Peel-offs, which enable drivers to take the first container from a stack of imports all intended for the same customer;
  • Dray-offs, which are imports transported to a nearby facility and available for pick-up around the clock; and
  • Pre-mounted loads, which are import containers affixed to chassis and ready for immediate hauling over the road.

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