Liverpool SOLAS Service Introduces Weighing to Most UK Ports

The port of Liverpool will offer container weighing services to help its customers comply with a new international regulation that comes into effect on July 1st, according to the Journal of Commerce.

The announcement by Peel Ports, Liverpool’s owner, has extended weighing services across almost the entire U.K. waterfront in response to an amendment to the International Maritime Organization’s Safety of Life at Sea, or SOLAS, convention requiring the weight of all export containers to be verified before being loaded onto a ship. The rule was passed in an effort to prevent maritime accidents in which mis-declared or overweight containers play a role.

Peel Ports said its container terminals at Greenock, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland’s largest port, will also be able to weigh containers prior to loading.

Liverpool is installing dynamic axle weighbridges at terminal truck gates linked with the port’s terminal operating system that will automatically provide a verified gross mass for the container.

Shippers will be charged 19.50 pounds ($27.50) for each container weighed at Liverpool and Greenock and 23 euros ($26) at the Dublin terminal.

DP World has installed weighing solutions on its automated stacking cranes at London Gateway and onboard its straddle carriers at Southampton. The service at London Gateway and Southampton will cost 17.50 pounds.

Felixstowe, the U.K.’s largest container port handling over 4 million TEUs annually, will weigh containers arriving by both train and truck. The port will charge 21 pounds for VGM generation.

Forth Ports will offer weighing services at the Scottish port of Grangemouth and at the London Container Terminal in Tilbury.

If you have any questions regarding the SOLAS regulations, please contact  RCL Agencies at 973-779-5900