Port of Liverpool Receives C-TPAT Accreditation

The Peel Ports operators of the Port of Liverpool has announced  that  it has been accredited by US Customs and Border Protection as a certified partner in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.

In a review of security and detection capabilities aimed at locating contraband in transportation being imported and exported from the US, Liverpool achieved a ‘best in class’ ranking, having demonstrated the highest standards in security processes and systems.

The increased awareness of exactly what goes through a port is widely seen as a key step in reducing the threat of terrorism.

Because of Liverpool’s accreditation, there is a lower likelihood of inspections and goods can be imported and exported from the US much easier.

In addition to the cost and time-saving efficiency achieved in the movement of legitimate goods through the program, C-TPAT accreditation supports the security authorities in focusing their efforts on inspecting ‘higher risk’ shipments.

C-TPAT  is a voluntary public-private sector partnership program which was introduced in November 2001, shortly after the terror attacks of September 11th that year, and although the program began with only seven major importers, there are currently around 10,000 certified partners across the globe, accounting for over 50% (by value) of the commodities imported into the United States.

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